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Clan Rules

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Clan Rules

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 21, 2012 7:21 am

United Nations Security Council (UN-SC) Clan Rules

1. Clan Administration

1.1. The clan is led by the Secretary General (Clan Leader) and together with a General Assembly, they hold all the powers in the clan.

1.2 Main executive body of the clan is Security Council General Assembly, and each member of General Assembly will have own task delegations including but not exclusive (Recruitment, Diplomacy, Clan information policy, Treasury)

1.3. General Assembly is responsible for dealing with all other issues not mentioned in the clan rules

1.4 All important decisions are taken by the means of a vote by the Clan General Assembly, in an undecided vote the Secretary General has the decisive vote, he as well have the power to Veto on all General Assembly decisions!

1.5. Language of the Clan is English.

1.6 The time zone for the clan is London time

2. TeamSpeak

2.1 All Clan members are expected to install the appropriate coms system. Members are required to be present on coms if on-line at specified times. (7pm - 10 pm if on-line at the moment) and in any other times when you are running game client TS presence is good practice and encouraged to do so.

2.2 Notorious abuse of clan coms, by any form of misuse, abuse and nuisance like; shouting, verbal spam, playing music (Via speakers to TS) or other form of inappropriate behaviour will be seen as a violation of the clan rules and the member will be prosecuted.

2.3 All 3rd parties on the coms systems - guests, family etc... Must seek permission and be granted it by the General Assembly member.
Member who invited 3rd party is as well responsible for the behaviour on TS.

3. Clan Activity

3.1 Lack of activity of a clan member in the period of 1 month without prior to posting information on the forum will effect in affect, receive without any further warning, will be dismissed from the clan.

3.2 Every clan member must, minimum once a week, (under condition of being on-line at specific time) must actively participate in compulsory clan events like Clan Wars, Tank Companies and Training Sessions and all other clan activity.

3.3. Every clan member is advised to actively participate in the main aspects of the clan life, with members not only in sharing experience, but also teaching and learning from other players, sharing tactics, etc...

3.4 All clan members must follow and obey rules of fair play, good team behaviour and the Clan Rules.

3.5 By joining The Clan, United Nations Security Council (UN-SC), members accept all points of the Clan Rules.

3.6 All clan members must have an active account in the clan's forum and follow information posted on that forum.

4. Penal Code

4.1 inter-clan disputes and complaints received from members of another clan about a member in the clan, are to be dealt with by a panel consisting of 3 members of the General Assembly.

4.2 To represent Clan outside of the Battlefield, in places like the Forums and in Clan Diplomacy, Diplomats are appointed to represent the clan in order to avoid miscommunication.

4.3 Clan members must represent the Clan in good name, and all kind of violations of the good name of the Clan by i.e. using cheats, unfair play, team killing, abusive behaviour, and using bad language and trolling and flaming will be treated as gross misconduct. instant action will be taken including; demotion, expulsion and ban from clan coms or the Clan itself.

4.4 Clan members can appeal decisions of General Council to the Secretary General if they feel that they been unfairly judged. Secretary General Verdicts are final.

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